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Agent Clean Solutions

Agent Clean Solutions was founded in 2013 to provide branded, quality products to Agent Clean franchisees across the country. Realizing that the same qualities that make the products great for the franchise – quality, affordability, efficiency – would also be great for everyone else, Agent Clean Solutions began selling to contractors in the industry. Agent Clean Solutions produces some of the best cleaning detergents and soft wash additives on the market. Their products are bleach-stable, and often can be mixed with each other to create potent cleaning solutions for house siding or roofs.

Agent Clean Solutions now has distributors across the U.S. and in Canada.

The backbone of Agent Clean Solutions is their distribution network of top-notch vendors in the U.S. and Canada. All are experts in the industry, providing products, detergents and equipment for professional contractors. They’re standing by to help find the right product to fit your needs.


From Agent Clean Solutions

Secret Agent

Foaming Agent, Surfactant, Scent Cover


Secret Agent is a high-quality foaming agent, surfactant and scent cover designed to help cleaning solutions cling to the target surface. Secret Agent produces generous amounts of foam to prevent run off and improve the dwell time of soft washing mixes on vertical and inclined surfaces. Do not overuse as the excess foam will increase rinse time.

Agent Green

Chlorine Enhancer


Agent Green is a high-quality chlorine enhancer, surfactant, and mild scent cover. It is an ideal soap additive for soft washing mixes, and can be used for both house siding and roofs. Designed with practicality and efficiency in mind, this product reinforces bleach washes, aiding in cleaning power and effectiveness.


Scent Cover


This premier scent cover is the perfect option to mask the odor of chlorine in soft washing solutions. Add it to your house wash and roof wash mixes to mask the smell of bleach. Camouflage features a powerful floral scent that is a pleasant alternative to the “pool” smell that occurs after washing with sodium hypochlorite. Add it to your line up of Agent Clean Solutions products! Stable with alkaline, acid, and SH solutions.

Agent Halt

SH Neutralizer


This high-quality salt and bleach neutralizer is ideal for rinsing bleach-washed surfaces to prevent damage to plants or external surfaces. Agent Halt is best used as a post-wash rinse on plants and windows, to neutralize bleach on roofs with no gutters or bad runoff, or to clean out hoses and equipment. Add it to your truck to have peace of mind when working with SH mixes.

Glass Enforcer

Window Cleaner


Glass Enforcer is a super concentrated window washing glass cleaner soap designed for the professional window washer. It’s tough on dirt, grime, and smudges. Described as having excellent glide and gleam. Add it to your arsenal of Agent Clean Products.


Sanitizing Agent


San-Q is a food-safe sanitizer confirmed effective against coronavirus by the CDC. San-Q is a quaternary ammonia proprietary solution, formulated to sanitize non-porous surfaces when used at concentrations of at least 200 parts per million (PPM). It is useful for kitchens, bathrooms, plastic and metal playground equipment, outdoor seating or furniture, shopping carts and more. Unlike sodium hypochlorite (SH), San-Q is non-corrosive at diluted levels, and does not need to be rinsed.

Agent Blue

Multipurpose Degreaser


This heavy-duty degreaser is a power cleaning solution for use on spots or stains that cannot be effectively treated with sodium hypochlorite. Use it on siding, roofs, decks, concrete, and any other exterior surface. Agent Blue is an effective, water-based, biodegradable product. Best used as a degreaser on non-organic stains such as dirt, motor oil, pollution, hydraulic fluid, and cobwebs.

Ground Force

Caustic Degreaser


Ground Force is a quality, heavy-duty caustic degreaser and cleaner. It is designed for the heaviest stains and soiled spots on concrete. This solution is for concrete only. Do not use on other surfaces as damage may occur. Be sure to use the proper PPE when using this solution. Ground Force works for any type of grease, but is especially effective on organic grease and oil. Use it on dumpster pads or near greasy exhaust hoods.